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Mafia XXXIV - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
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Mafia 21 has now been gone through at last and corrected so it is looking good on the bot.
Game Masters:Hellenic RiotRagingIke297
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The game as ended after phase Day 7 and the time was 2018-02-12 13:29:00 GMT (+0)
Hellenic Riot
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Whoops, damn Bot commands.


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Congratulations to town for such a strong victory!

Thanks to RagingIke297 for being a great co-GM, and Jamiet99uk for stepping in and helping a couple of times when we were both unavailable. Hope you all enjoyed! :)
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Remaining players
Tom Bombadil

Posting statistics (Game Global Statistics)
PostsWordsCharsW/PostPlayerLast (End)
3321110295598134.36Tom Bombadil02:51
42842251211563779.27Balki Bartokomous03:11
814220781104549146.35MeanLaQueefa2d 13h 57m*
111221296965349106.30bo_sox485d 14h 21m*
1211464993313757.01Rjmcf11d 15h 49m*
166131801603852.13ND8d 15h 49m*
1760723041075120.50Hellenic Riot00:00
2127705354826.11Ezio10d 11h 5m*
2219584290030.74snowy8011d 9h 56m
247295141442.14captainmeme5d 23h 38m*
257208100229.71Yoyoyozo2d 18h 27m*
2648544421.25SuperSteve15d 11h 37m*
2727740338.50peterlund5d 19h 40m*
3272204028104864662.36Total Counts

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Dead or replaced players
bozotheclown died Day 7 - He was Judge Doom, the Godfather.
reedeer1 died EoN6 - he was Yosemite Sam, the gunsmith.
Balki Bartokomous died Day 6 - He was Smart-Ass the Weasel, the Hooker!
MeanLaQueefa died EoN5 - She was Eddie Valiant, the Cop!
rdrivera2005 died EoD5 - He was Baby Hermann, the Vanilla Townie!
Yoyoyozo was replaced Day 5 by Fluminator
thamrick died EoN4 - he was Jessica Rabbit, the NURSE
bo_sox48 died EoD4 - he was Stupid the Weasel, the MAFIA STALKER
captainmeme was replaced Day 4 by Yoyoyozo
yavuzovic died Day 4 - He was Dumbo the Elephant, a vanilla townie.
ND died EoD3 - he was Bugs Bunny a Vanilla Townie
Ezio died Day 3 - He was Donald Duck, the Vanilla Townie!
brainbomb died EoN2 - He was Sylvester, the Vanilla Townie!
Rjmcf died EoD2 - He was Wheezy the Weasel, the Witch!
dargorygel was replaced Day 2 by captainmeme
SuperSteve died EoN1 - He was Wile. E. Coyote, the Miller! He was modkilled for incompetence.
snowy801 died EoN1 - He was Benji, the Oracle!
Jamiet99uk died EoD1 - He was R.K. Maroon, the MAFIA THIEF

All Game Deadlines
PhaseAbsolute time
Day 72018-02-12 13:29:00 GMT (+0)
Night 62018-02-11 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Day 62018-02-11 02:19:00 GMT (+0)
Night 52018-02-10 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Day 52018-02-09 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Night 42018-02-07 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Day 42018-02-06 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Night 32018-02-04 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Day 32018-02-03 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Night 22018-02-01 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Day 22018-01-31 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Night 12018-01-29 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Day 12018-01-28 23:00:00 GMT (+0)
Game Start2018-01-26 23:00:00 GMT (+0)

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