Mafia Search

Search for Messages in Game

Users User names or parts e g "brain*"
Words Zero, one or more words, separated either by space or "|".
Page(s) or Phase(s) Examples: day1, page 44, p11-17, D3, N3, n2 - d3, d3-, -p7, day 2 - night 2, 55-end, end
Search signup: s, s2-s7, s3-s, s-p3, -p1
Game Leave this normally at current game.
User or Word Enough if one true?
Check this, if only one of User or Word conditions needs to be true. Otherwise both need to be true if given.


The word search "*##CALL*|*##VOTE*|*##END*|*##UNEND*" is useful for GMs.

The MAX output of any search is 400k byte! You need to modify your search conditions if you reach this limit.

Upper or lower case does not matter in any type of search condition.

Quotes must be used to search for something containing a space. Normally spaces divide up words so then you may need to use quotes ("") For example to search for the full string "Hellenic Riot", quotes are needed.

Minimum one search condition must be specified. Either one or more user names or one or more words that must be found in the message or one single day number.

In the User conditions, a space between two user names means "or". User search for "brain* peter*" will show messages from both brainbomb and peterlund. Searching for aliases does NOT work.

In the Word conditions, a space between two words means "and". Both words need to exist in the message for it to match. The "|" character between two words means "or". Only one of the two words must be found in the message to match.

Word boundary requirements do apply for both the User and Word conditions. Use "*" to remove boundary requirement at end or beginning eg "brain*", "peter*"
Searching for "nd" matches the word "nd" but not the word "and".
Add the "*" character at the beginning or end to remove the word boundary requirement in those positions. Searching for "*nd*" matches "nd" but also "and" and "mandelbrot".
Doing a word search for "Jamie*|pete*" will result in all messages where any word starts with either "Jamie" or "pete"

Words searched for will be highlightened where they are found in the resulting output.

In the Page/Phase condition a single number is a page number. A page can also be given using "p33" or "page 33". Here you can also enter "d3" or "D3" or "day 3" which all will output messages for day 3. "n1", "N 1" and "night 1" return all messages for night 1. "s" returns all messages in the signup thread, "s3" returns all messages on page 3 in the signup thread. "end" returns all message from after the game has ended.

You can give a sequence like "D3-N3", "page 1 - page 13" or even mixed "p30-d1". You may also start or end with dash. "-6" which is the same as "s1-6" will result in all pages from the beginning of the signup thread to page 6 in the game thread. "N4 -" returns all messages for night 4 and everying after that.

Search for "end" returns only message after end of game, while "33-end" returns message from page 33 to the end of game. "33-" returns all messages starting from game thread page 33 and after.

Search the full signup thread by only inserting "s". Insert "s3-p4" to search from signup thread page 3 to game thread page 4. Insert "s4-s" to search the signup thread starting at signup page 4.

Word searches using UNICODE letters are supported. (All html escape sequences in the search string and in the stored messages are converted to unicode before matching is performed.)