Existing Users and Aliases in bot DB

A Player must have a user id in the user DB before they can replace a player in a running game.
The user id must also be registered on the same site webDip (old forum),
vDip (vdiplomacy.com) or wd2 (new forum) as where the game is played.
Ask replacement player to send one message in the game thread in case they are not listed here
and want to take over a position in your game.
                          User Site   Aliases
                          ---- ----   -------
             Balki Bartokomous wd2    
                 BismarckAlive wd2    "BA"
                  bozotheclown wd2    
                      bo_sox48*wd2    "Bo"
                     brainbomb*wd2    "BB"
                        breaca wd2    
                cantwin4242564 wd2    
                   captainmeme wd2    "Meme"
                         Chaqa wd2    
                    ChippeRock wd2    
                       Claesar wd2    
                CommanderByron wd2    
                    CrimsonFox wd2    
                        damian wd2    
                       damo666 wd2    
                      DemonRHK*wd2    "RHK"
                DoubtingThomas wd2    "Thomas", "DT"
                         DrCJG wd2    "CJG"
                          Ezio wd2    
                     flash2015 wd2    
                    Fluminator wd2    
                     foodcoats wd2    
                  Garden Gnome wd2    "Gnome"
                          ghug wd2    
                         Gocki wd2    
                goldfinger0303 wd2    
                 Hellenic Riot*wd2    "HR"
                    jmo1121109 wd2    
                      LordQuas wd2    "LQ", "Quas"
                        Maniac wd2    
                  MeanLaQueefa wd2    "LaQueefa", "Queefa", "MLQ"
                   MoscowFleet wd2    
                      Nephthys wd2    
                     nesdunk14 wd2    
                 OB_Gyn_Kenobi wd2    
                     peterlund wd2    "PL"
           Pouncy Silverkitten wd2    "Kitten", "Silverkitten"
                President Eden wd2    "PE", "Eden"
                  RagingIke297*wd2    "Rike", "Ike"
                  rdrivera2005 wd2    "Rivera"
                      reedeer1 wd2    
                         Rjmcf wd2    
                      Seichuto wd2    
                      snowy801 wd2    
                      Squigs44 wd2    
                 Stressedlines wd2    
                    SuperSteve wd2    "Steve"
                        Szpoti wd2    
                      teacher2 wd2    
                       Telamor wd2    
                      thamrick wd2    
               Thaneofwhiterun wd2    
                     thdfrance wd2    
                  thedipplayer wd2    "dipplayer"
                  Tom Bombadil wd2    
                       TrPrado wd2    "Prado"
                VashtaNeurotic wd2    
                         Vecna wd2    
                    WaywardSon wd2    
                        worcej wd2    
                        xorxes wd2    
                        y2kjbk wd2    
                      Yoyoyozo wd2